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Different levels of screening can be tailored according to the risk attached to the position the employee is to occupy. Employees who are promoted to new positions, may represent a greater risk to the company, and should be subject to a more in-depth screening.

In order to reduce the chance of fraud, companies are advised to have an employee background-screening process in place. A thorough pre-employment screening program may deter those who may otherwise have applied for a job at a company in the belief that the company would not verify their employment history or personal background information.

All screening should be carried out with the knowledge of the candidate/employee who should sign a declaration of consent authorizing the employer to proceed with the background checks. As a rule of thumb, outsourced background checks cost less than one day of the new employee’s wages.

Pre-Employment Screening Services
•Canadian Criminal Background Checks
•Consumer Credit Reports
•Ministry of Transportation (drivers abstracts)
•Reference and Employment Verification
•Accreditation and Professional Association Verifications
•Education Verification
•Personal Property Search (PPSA)
•US Background Checks

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